Month: April 2019

Too many loan inquiries at the credit bureau – you can do that

0 Comments April 22, 2019

If too many credit inquiries are reported to the credit bureau within a short time, this can have a negative effect on your credit chances. You should know this when making loan applications. Because with a bad credit bureau rating your creditworthiness automatically decreases and with it the probability to receive your desired credit. To […]

Construction loan 50000

0 Comments April 18, 2019

Mortgage lending under 50,000 Eur In Germany, the conventional construction loan financing of less than 50,000 EUR in the domestic electricity market is virtually impossible to get. That does not pay for the bank. In order to benefit from low interest rates from low interest rates, you need to take out a loan of EUR […]

Small loan without private credit bureau

0 Comments April 17, 2019

Fast payment receipt of the rental deposit without private credit bureau For most apartments, a deposit is required. Although the law provides for the payment in installments of rent for private apartments, many homeowners sign the contract only after the rental deposit has been paid in full. In addition to paying a cash deposit, the […]