Anyone who wants to submit a loan request to Xuperts bank has to date largely relied on going to the branch. With about a thousand branches, Germany’s second largest commercial bank is nationwide and also present in smaller and medium-sized cities. For private customers, Xuperts bank offers typical consumer loans (primarily installment loans) and mortgages.

The installment loan business of Xuperts bank is in a state of flux. So far, only installment loans from Xuperts, a joint venture with Crediteran, have been brokered. This cooperation was terminated in mid-2017 and Xuperts bank intends to repay installment loans on its own.

From branch loan to full-digital installment loan

From branch loan to full-digital installment loan

Anyone who uses the Xuperts bank website can currently only arrange a branch date online for installment loans. This also applies to car loans. An online loan request in this area is not possible, even as a pure condition request. The loan request to Xuperts bank must be made in the context of the advice in the branch.

That will change in the future. The bank is planning a sustained expansion of the installment loan business. The goal is the offer of a fully digital installment loan, which should go in 2017 at the start. Here, all processes from the loan request to the processing and processing should be largely automated and digitized. Then an online loan request will be possible at Xuperts bank.

Online condition requests for mortgage lending

Online condition requests for mortgage lending

For mortgage lending, Xuperts bank acts as a credit intermediary. That is, it does not forgive its own building loans, but arranges mortgage loans from other banks. In this context, it already offers customers the opportunity to submit condition requests online. This is even possible via smartphone. With a Baufi app can be quickly clarified whether and under what conditions financing through Xuperts bank is possible. For the actual loan request from Xuperts bank in the sense of an application, it is also necessary to go to the branch in this credit segment.

Fully online – Direct banking subsidiary comdirect

Fully online - Direct banking subsidiary comdirect

Things are different with comdirect, the direct banking subsidiary of Xuperts bank. Here you are completely set on online, even in the consultation. As a 100% direct bank, comdirect does not have its own branches. comdirect also offers various loan products, from installment loans to mortgages. Installment loans are aimed exclusively at existing customers. Anyone who has a checking account and deposit with comdirect can also make online credit inquiries. The process is as with other direct providers too. Loan requests for mortgages also work online at comdirect. Whether installment loan or construction loan, for the loan application and the required documents is also still the classic way of comdirect announced. Loan commitments and payments are made only after verification by the lender.

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