Fast payment receipt of the rental deposit without private credit bureau For most apartments, a deposit is required. Although the law provides for the payment in installments of rent for private apartments, many homeowners sign the contract only after the rental deposit has been paid in full. In addition to paying a cash deposit, the bank and insurance company offers bond insurance.

loan for three months

In compliance with legal requirements, the renter grants a loan for three months for the rental without private credit bureau, however, since many homeowners want to receive the full deposit before signing the rent, borrowing is often required. The rental deposit can not exceed three months’ rent, so that in many cases it can be a double-digit euro amount.

The current account overdraft can often be used as a loan for rent without private credit bureau given the small amount, especially since the settlement is possible within a few months. The use of an already granted credit limit takes place without a new private credit bureau query; the credit guarantee also refers only to the authorization and not to the use of an appropriate credit facility.

loan for the bail

loan for the bail

In individual cases, a commercial bank can grant a microcredit to existing customers without applying for a new private credit bureau application. Apart from renting a detached house in a good residential area, the deposit to be paid is usually under 3500 EUR, so that a loan without private credit bureau on a house bank is possible. Young people often make a loan for the bail without private credit bureau from their ancestors.

In the case of a change, many entrepreneurs grant their employees a loan for the deposit without private credit bureau and at favorable interest rates. Hartz IV recipients can use the Job Center to obtain a loan for the deposit without private credit bureau. The precondition for the granting of a loan for the payment of a deposit by the Job Center is that the Case Manager has initiated the change of residence or at least agreed it before the conclusion of the contract.

If the job center finances the deposit, it settles the extended loan volume with future services.